Defend the Arts!

Defend the Arts!

Don’t Defund the Arts!

Social Media Protest to Cuts

Starting Monday, May 11

Rally for the arts on social media and collectively amplify our voices in support of the city’s

Office of Arts, Culture, and the Creative Economy
and its programs #ArtInCityHall #PublicArt

-tell @PHLCouncil and @PhillyMayor that

-Attach a jpeg of your choice or #ArtInCityHll event, #PublicArt
-TAG @creativephil @philaculturfund @phillymayor @PHLCouncil and other District or At-Large Councilmembers of your choice!

@Darrell_Clarke @HelenGymAtLarge @DavidOhPhilly @CouncilmanDerek @Katherine_Gilmore @CherelleParker9 @CMMarkSquilla @ONeill4NEPhilly @BobbyHenon @KendraPHL @CouncilmemberKJ @CouncilmemberJG @TeamDomb @Mr4thDistrict @[email protected] @cindybassphilly @CMThomasPHL

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